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Nanning Wuxiang Grain and Oil Solar Hot Water Project

Nanning Wuxiang Grain and Oil Solar Hot Water Project

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  • Date of Issue:2020-09-28 12:00:00
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Guangxi solar water heater engineering is widely used, from ordinary families, small units to large enterprises, large groups; dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people can use the bath. 

Wide range of application: according to different regions and latitude to choose the appropriate angle of collector; according to the roof structure to choose different types of collectors; according to different climate configuration of different vacuum collector. 

There are many types of solar water heater projects: the series parallel hot water project of collectors is from economic type to hotel type; the hot water project of combined collector module is from natural circulation to frequency conversion constant pressure hot water project; the domestic solar water heating project is from ordinary type to villa type. 

The foundation of solar hot water engineering system includes two parts: collector foundation and water tank foundation. Both foundations should be connected with the main structure of the building. The foundation can be cast-in-place concrete structure form, steel structure form, precast member form. No matter what kind of foundation, it should be connected with the structural layer of the building to ensure the wind and seismic strength of the foundation, and at the same time, the waterproof capacity of the building should not be damaged. For sloping roofs with ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles can be used instead of ceramic tiles at the base of the collector, or metal prefabricated parts can be installed under the ceramic tiles to make the foundation. 

The heat collector installation foundation of light-weight large-span metal forming color steel plate insulation roof should be connected with self drilling screw, keel and sandalwood bar. When the glass collector is installed on the glass curtain wall, the fixed area of the glass collector should be increased. 


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