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Address:Room 1401, Songyu Times, 53 Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning

Factory:10 Xinggang Road, Xinning Town, Fusuxian County, Chongzuo city

One belt, one road network executive, accompanied by Mrs. Murphy,

2018-10-31 10:42:54

In October 27, 2018, one belt, one road network southwest management center, Lu Ying, led the team to accompany Mrs. Murphy from Philippines to inspect the production of new energy projects. 


Group photo after the meeting (Lv Qiang, the second from the left, Moffitt, the third from the left)

Participants in this business investigation include Li Ying, executive director of the Southwest Management Center of the Belt and Road Network, and Wang Pujun, deputy director.

In the morning, the delegation came to Guangtuo Group and was warmly received by the chairman of the group, Mr. Lv Qiang.

Chairman Lv introduced to foreign friends the advantages and competitiveness of the new energy technology projects developed by Guangtuo Group, as well as the current production and sales of the group's products.

In order to give guests a more in-depth and intuitive understanding of Guangtuo’s products, Chairman Lv warmly invited the delegation to the group’s production base in the Fusui Airport Economic Zone to visit and inspect new energy products such as solar energy, air energy hot water systems, and solar street lights. The factory, production line, equipment and office environment.


Visit to guangtuo photovoltaic production workshop 

During the visit, guests expressed their affirmation to Guangtuo Group's modern office production conditions, advanced production equipment and industry-leading production standards.


Group photo in front of guangtuo office building 

The delegation exchanged views with Chairman Lv and discussed their respective advantages, cooperation basis, cooperation mode, objectives and cooperation contents. During the exchange, the delegation revealed its expectations for the strategic development prospects of guangtuo group, and looked forward to sincere cooperation with guangtuo group. 

One belt, one road, is Moffett, Mrs. Glee, who is from Philippines city. Mrs. Glee, the Minister of Commerce of Philippines, visited Nanning, Nanning, and Ye Zhihao, deputy director Wang Yuling of the Hongkong Road office. The purpose of the visit is to inspect new energy technology items, introduce new energy technology products to Philippines, and carry out urban projects in their own country. 。 

We regard the development of new energy as a mission and a beautiful journey. Adhering to the concept of "create vaLve for customers, be a social responsible enterprise", constantly innovate science and technology, no matter it is a small step or a big step, we should go forward bravely, so as to help customers open up new space with new perspective and new thinking, realize the continuous growth of vaLve and performance, and become a strategic partner respected by customers, which is our eternal pursuit! 

Therefore, guangtuo group will continue to make breakthroughs and develop continuously, grasp the root of quality, continue to innovate, maintain the leading position in technology in the same industry, and expand the market share at home and abroad. 

China's one belt, one road construction and construction of the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road's important strategic fulcrum, seize market opportunities, seize the opportunities, look global, and go abroad, make greater contributions to the circulation of new energy and technology products at home and abroad and promote regional economic development. 


Marketing Center:Guangtuo Group, Room 1401, Songyu Times, 53 Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning city

Production base:No. 10 xinggang Road, China ASEAN Nanning Airport Fusui Economic Zone