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Solar water heater

Solar water heater

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Nanning solar water heater

Tuhao gold single-bin solar water heater

Guangxi Home solar water heater, Home and series of solar energy, Guangxi Guangtuo solar water heater manufacturers, using different production processes, the same spiritual heritage. Elaborate details outline, strong set thermal power, people's quality belief, home and series with quality for you to acquire warmth and happiness.

Vacuum collector tube: heat core collector tube

Water storage tank: thickened import SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel plate

Shell material: Tuhao gold steel plate

Reflective inclination: according to the latitude of different regions, use the golden Angle suitable for winter lighting.

Insulation layer: adopt all-imported polyurethane high density overall high pressure foam, through the process of constant temperature and thermalization, the closed pore rate reaches 98%, the heat loss is smaller.

Support and materials: high quality galvanized sheet phosphating treatment, rust prevention, snow protection ability, with design patents, beautiful appearance, suitable for various types of roof structure.

Disadvantages of single compartment solar:

Overcast, rainy, winter and other heating time is too long, the waiting time for hot water is too long, such as the normal 160L water tank, heating basically needs 2-3 hours, and after heating, the hot water is not used up the next day cold, do not save!

(2) Water level and temperature sensor and hot water direct contact, easy to scale; Solenoid valve is blocked, fault repair rate is high.

The outlet is at the bottom of the water tank. After the water is cut off, the water is used up. Automatic heating mode is set for electric heating, and there will be dry burning and empty machine.

(4) The meter water, will forget the water and the need for hot water to take a bath when there is no water and so on.

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